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Reason to Choose Galaxy Valley

Galaxy Valley is a master piece is a heaven where you can construct a beautiful Farm House suitable for a week-end stay; Company guest houses also convert it into holiday inn. A lifetime is spent in pursuit of this, A rare treasure p​lace​ to lay your head and dream beautiful dreams in leisure, Here is the way, the place where peace in pleasure. We have great pleasure to facilitate the following amenities with Eco-friendly and 100 % pollution free project.

Galaxy Valley Team Decided to give a unique experience for our buyer we choose british Colonial Architecture, that allows owners to feel luxury with comfort stay while enjoying a beautiful clamities

Our property located above 5882ft from Mean Sea Level, So you can always enjoy plesant climate all days, kotagiri is called a second Switcherland because of its climate, and also our property is belssed with Natural Waterfalls and Stream, it is also becoming the part of your happiness and water resource

The Luxury Galaxy Valley

A Holiday at hills, is "Take a BREAK" time... BREAK from your routine - from what you see and live with everyday... We create an environment to experience the REAL BREAK... A place close to Coonoor, Kotagiri or Ooty but far from the hustle bustle and the crowd...

About Kotagiri

Nestled in the Nilgiri range lies a peaceful and quite town named Kotagiri. Surrounded by tall mountain ranges and canopied with lush greenery. Kotagiri is known for being an effortless, natural beauty. From the vast tea plantations that carpet the hillsides with the tall trees that reach towards the sun, and the beautiful mist that comes rolling in accentuating the cool breeze; makes the place a truly peaceful paradise.

About Galaxy Valley

Located at 5882 ft above sea level, amidst the lush green tea gardens and the rolling woods, surrounded by the towering peaks of the Nilgiris Range and the roar of the falling waters Galaxy valley is the dream you will live.

British Colonial Architecture

Take a walk into the past. Galaxy Valley is designed to give you a feel of the days long gone by. villas are themed on the colonial style of the English

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Communication Information

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