Location And Access

Galaxy Garden is a 15 minutes driven from Kotagiri, the oldest of the hill station in the Niligiris is quitely tucked away from the hustle bustle.It occupies a scenic site in a green peaceful valley situated at an altitude of 1710 meters providing a perfect setting for a relaxing holiday amongst lush tea estate. The weather is more bracing than that of Coonoor and balmier than that of Ooty.

Phase 1

We are breaking ground with Phase 1 by building a model house in a 1.7 acre part of the estate overlooking the valley on its north. The 1.7 acre land is equally sub divided into 7 plots with each plot unique in its own way. The site on which the model house is proposed occupies an area of 21.2cents. The house occupies a built up area of 17600 sq.ft.

Model House Lower Level Plan

  • Three bedrooms with attached bathrooms
  • A 300sq.ft double height living space
  • A well equipped kitchen with attached dining hall
  • Lush garden, open air seating
  • Car parking

Compressed Mud Blocks

The ideal building material would be 'borrowed' from the environment and replaced after use. There would be little or no processing of the raw material and all the energy inputs would be directly , from the sun. This ideal material would also be cheap and would perform well thermally and acoustically. Basic mud bricks are made by mixing earth with water, placing the mixture into moulds and drying the bricks in the open air. Straw or other fibers that are strong in tension are often added to the bricks to help reduce cracking.

Rammed Earth

Rammed earth is a simple manufacture, non-combustible, highly thermal, strong and durable. It involves compressing a damp mixture of earth that has suitable prpotions of sand , gravel, clay and/or an added stabilizer into an externally supported frame or moid, forming asolid wall. Over time the wall becomes as strong as concrete.